Digital Compass Pro

Compass pro is like digital compass. Real time compass user can find direction like direction finder. User can find Qibla direction with the help of compass direction finder. compass app provides map in which user can find his/her location and also can Search any Map Location using Built-in Map.

Compass Pro is the app for professionals as well as amateurs! Compass Pro Navigation is a real compass! It shows device real-time orientation to magnetic fields. Complete weather information and forecast.
Compass Pro Android , Digital Direction 360 Free is easy to use.
User can find altitude using Altitude meter.
User can find Any Location using built-in Map
User can find ground level.

Fast and Simple Digital Compass easy to use and user friendly also.

1. Compass
* Shows device real-time orientation to magnetic fields.
* Ability to switch between true and magnetic North.
* Particular bearing
* Location coordinates (longitude, latitude).
* Course
* Altitude
* Ground Level

2. Map
* Current location.
* Location search.
* Location name.
* Complete Address
* Latitude
* Longitude

3. Weather
* Sunset and sunrise timing.
* Temperature information.
* Humidity
* Pressure
* Ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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