MIUI Music Player

Extracted straight from MIUI! For those that want the music player, but don’t like or want MIUI.

Quite simple what it does. The only thing it lacks is a widget for third party launchers (hint hint Xiomi)


Spectogram (you know the dancing bars to the music)
Auto album art (trust me, it’s shit at that)

★★★ MOD ★★★
Removed all the items that did not work on AOSP with 9 android (Mi Link, Sending feedback, Headphones and sound effects, Auto-updates)
The Settings item in the sidebar opens immediately Advanced settings, because in the main settings the rest (agreements, version) is useless
MI account in the sidebar, replaced with a picture, so that the side menu does not look completely empty
Points of withdrawal of advertising and license agreements at launch are removed, always disabled
Perhaps something extra is deleted, languages and libraries did not touch



MIUI Music Player v4.11.10i [Mod] APK / Mirror

Older Version

MIUI Music Player v4.10.06i [Mod] APK / Mirror

MIUI Music Player v4.05.10i [Mod] APK / Mirror