My Device Info and Cpu Details

Cpu mobile device info- My Device Info and Cpu Details is a very useful app to know the specification and information about your android device

if you want to know information about regarding to yourMy Device Info and Cpu Details
system on chip (SOC), tech specifications, memory of device, batter information or sensors info, Cpu and mobile device and mobile memoryinfo app will give you all information about everything you want to know My Device Info and Cpu Details
about your device inlcuding hardware and software.

Cpu mobile device info device and mobile information application is designed so that all the information of your device will show to you in one place.
There is no more need to open settings and search for your desired information about your phone.simply open this device info app and it will reach to your hardware and get all the information.My Device Info and Cpu Details Gpu
This my device information application is a freely available android tool free mobile info app. This is free of cost and really easy to use and to know about your device.
this phone information app is a latest device information app to know about system info and phone tester app. by using this cpu device info app you can know about device
details , all devoice informtion including cpu details and best device info app.
this is a free device info app and cpu info app which works offline and knows as offline device info app.

This cpu device info give you information about

—- Operating Syetem —-
* Operating system Version
* Version Number
* Release date
* Supported Status
* Fingerprint
* Build ID
* API Level
* Build Time

* Manufacturer
* Model
* Brand
* Serial Number
* Board Type
* Hardware
* Boot Loader
* Host
* Screen Resolution

* Internal and External Detail Storage details
* Used Storage
* Total Storage
* Free Storage

* Memory Usage Detail graphical view
* CPU Model
* RAM Usages
* Serial
* CPU Implementer
* CPU Port
* CPU Revision
* Hardware Model
* CPU Variant

* Battery Type
* Battery Health
* Voltage
* Battery Level
* Power Source
* Temperature
* Status

—- Camera—-
* Camera detail Specifications
* Megapixels
* White Balance
* Scene Mode
* Aspect Ratio
* White Balance

—- Network—-
* Connection Status
* IP Address
* MAC Address
* Data Type
* Link Speed
* Network Type

—- Sensors—-
* List all Sensors
* Aspect Ratio
* Sensor Name
* Version
* Maximum range
* Accurate real time readings from sensors
* Resolution
* Power

* Bluetooth
* Bluetooth LE
* Audio Low-Latency
* Camera Front
* Microphone
* USB Host
* USB Accessory
* Multitouch
* USB Host
* SIP-based VOIP

—-User Apps & System Apps—-
* List of all User Apps and System Apps
* Easy open application
* Package names

Inshort this mobile device app give you inforamtion about everything that is necessary to know about. easy and useful app.
Download and use this device info app. Rate us and give us feed back if you feel any problem our team will work on it to make it more reliable and user freindly.
Thank you.

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