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Having trouble accessing a secure app, like Android Pay, and not sure why? SafetyNet Checker is the app you need! SafetyNet Checker calls on Google’s SafetyNet server to check the status, safety and health of your device. SafetyNet Checker will alert you of harmful apps, bad URLs, and low-level malware.

Download SafetyNet Checker and ensure the safety and health of your Android device.

SafetyNet Checker also doubles as a root checker! SafetyNet Checker is built to detect rooted devices. If your device is rooted, SafetyNet Checker will inform you of root status. SafetyNet Checker will also detect custom ROMs.

What is SafetyNet?
SafetyNet is a mechanism used by apps in the Google Play Store to detect malicious spyware, malware, and if a device has been tampered with (root devices). This tool helps applications determine if a device is safe to use the app. For example, devices that are not cleared through SafetyNet will not be able to use secure functions like Android Play.

What is SafetyNet Checker?
SafetyNet Checker will ask SafetyNet about the status of the device. SafetyNet Checker the receives a response from the server to inform you about your device. Your device will not pass if it is rooted, runs on a custom ROM, contains bad URLs, harmful apps, or is infected with low-level malware.

Why use SafetyNet Checker?
If you are having trouble accessing a secure app, like Android Pay, SafetyNet Checker is a good place to start to check the health of your device. If you have not rooted your device, SafetyNet Checker may discover and inform you of harmful malware on your device. If you are attempting to root your device, SafetyNet Checker can help to ensure the status of your root.

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