ShotOn for Samsung Auto Add Shot on Photo Stamp

Shot on for Samsung app allows you to auto add a “ShotOn” tag watermark for Samsung to your Photographs captured with the built-in camera of your smartphone.

It simplifies your task of adding a ShotOn watermark signature for Samsung smartphones with its brand logo alongside a customized “Shot on and Shot by” editable text to your photos.

Exciting perks of choosing us:
✔ Snap pictures using built-in phone camera
✔ No loss of picture quality
✔ Large set of other brand logos
✔ Simple drag ‘n drop
✔ Editable Shot on Text
✔ Editable Shot by Text
✔ Position adjustment for Shot on Signature
✔ Range of size options
✔ Font format selection for Shot on text
✔ Elegant and easy user interface
✔ Live Preview before clicking shot

◇ Shot on for Samsung is a quick knock solution for you if you are willing to add a Shoton signature on you Photographs but your Smartphone does not provide you the feature.

There are approximately 9 million users for Samsung phones all around the world which is quite a higher number but none of their devices have the ShotOn watermark functionality. You might haven’t come across any ShotOn for Samsung mobiles as of yet!

Therefor, the app has been created to fill in the void and fulfill your deeds of “ShotOn for Samsung” on a fly.

How “Shot On for Samsung” Works?
– Drag and drop the logo (already available or from your mobile)
– Write Shot on and Shot by texts using various fonts formats.
– Resize and adjust position as per the image theme
– Click picture through your built-in camera
That’s it! Now, a ShotOn tag will be placed on all of your captured clicks.

⌚ Editable “Logo”:-
Option to choose a customized logo feature is accessible which can be either default or custom brand logo (Selected from Gallery) as per your needs and deeds. This outstanding feature helps you personalize your photos perfectly.

◇ No fuss or mess, quickly add your device logo in seconds when you snap them.

⌚ Editable “Shot on” Text:-
With a Shot on text, you can precisely show-off your branded device to your friends and foes. Just add your device name as a customized signature text and it will be displayed next to “Shoton” line.

◇ You can even pick and choose from the list of all models for Samsung Brand.

⌚ Editable “Shot by” Text:-
Using a Shot by tag you can effectively do branding and make a name for yourself in the Photography field. Wherever your clicks float on the Internet, you will only get the credit of inception.

Simply set the prefered signature text for “Shot by” field specifying your customized name, signature, trademark or any other thing and you are good to go!

Shot by along with Shoton can be said as the best way to flaunt your brand tags with fewer efforts that can secure photos from all the misuse and access taking place without your prior permission.

◇ This feature is extremely beneficial to small business owners, photographers, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, social media marketers and considerably much more

Useful Tips:
Before you start, if you wish to add your own logo, do make sure it’s is available on your device in a square size.

All concluded, you won’t find a better application for “Shot on” functionality for Samsung Devices other than this one. So, Download the app now and shoot the “ShotOn” :)

● Premium features Unlocked

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  • ShotOn for Samsung: Auto Shot auf Foto Screenshot
  • ShotOn for Samsung: Auto Shot auf Foto Screenshot
  • ShotOn for Samsung: Auto Shot auf Foto Screenshot


ShotOn for Samsung (Camera) v1.3 [Premium] / Mirror

Older Version

ShotOn for Samsung (Camera) v1.2 [Premium] / Mirror

ShotOn for Samsung (Camera) v1.1 [Premium] / Mirror

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