Simple MP3 widget Player

It is a player to play MP3 with a simple operation.

I used to place the widget.

The difference between the Free version,

There is a shuffle function and repeat function and equalizer function.
Equalizer function is available since Android2.3.
There are four repeat function.
1. Only play the current track
2. Repeat playing the current song
3. Play all Songs (Free version)
4. Play all songs repeatedly

The main features,

1. I do not consume battery than any other player. I think it is.
(Other than playback wasted processing. Renewable does not at all. Even during sleep)

2. Player in the widget
(You do not need to launch the app.)

3. We can stop during playback, the icon will appear in the notification bar, and then click.
(You can stop immediately even when using other apps)

4. When you select a file folder and sound,
Since the list to extract the data, make it easier to select.

5. Repeat function and shuffle function

6. format corresponding wealth
Supported formats: mp3 3gp mid ogg wav mp4 m4a
flac Android 3.1+
(Video files only play sound)

There is no advertising.
Not connected to the network.
Please use the full-featured security with peace of mind.

※ About permissions
Status of the mobile
When an incoming call is coming at the time of reproduction, we are used to stop playback automatically.

What’s New:
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  • Simple MP3 widget Player Screenshot
  • Simple MP3 widget Player Screenshot


Simple MP3 widget Player v1.5.0 [Paid] APK / Mirror