Another Iranian client for Telegram. Many features.

The best and most popular unofficial Telegram client in Iran, which developed in parallel with Plus Messenger. Most of the existing functions today (tabs for chats, ghost mode, chat categories, ghost mode, hidden chats, special contacts, chat download manager (media loader), file manager, recent chat panel and others) were first implemented in Mobo. It features a rich set of features and stability in operation.


– tabs for chats (including “favorites”, “unread”, as well as user-created groups);
– forwarding with editing, without the name of the sender and signature;
– batch forwarding messages to multiple recipients;
– copying part of the message text;
– select stickers and emoji;
– division of chats into categories, creating your own categories;
– actions on multiple chats, contacts, messages at the same time;
– download manager with scheduler;
– setting up automatic file upload for each dialog;
– delete media files from the device when deleting a message with an attachment;
– batch loading of media files from a specified number of chat rooms with filter by file type;
– file manager;
– the ability to select an external memory card as storage;
– hiding chats and contacts;
– the allocation of mutual contacts;
– display contacts online;
– reordering and disabling menu items;
– exit from the group with the possibility of return;
– voice change in audio messages;
– support themes clearance of. client and custom (using the MoboPlus application)
– drawing in chat
and much more.

Whats New:
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★★★ MOD ★★★
Languages: en, ru
Platform: arm7 +
Deep optimized graphics and application resources
The manifest is thoroughly optimized.
Application Manifest optimized for performance
Modification is untied from Google Services
Cut garbage classes (measurement,,, flurry, etc)
Work of analytical services is blocked
Removed ads from the application
Blocked requirement to subscribe to the author’s channel
Google map access is active
Signature changed

This app has no advertisements



Mobogram v5.4.0-М11.4.0 [Mod] APK / Mirror